Ted Rybeck

Ted Rybeck CEO

Ted helped launch the firm as a spin-off from Benchmarking Partners which he had founded in 1994. At Benchmarking, he co-led development of Walmart's first Internet-based collaboration system from customers back to suppliers. He subsequently co-led the roll-out of an open source version of Walmart's "Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment" (CPFR) software as a standard among retailers globally. He served as founding CEO of Syncra Software which spun-off from the CPFR system and today serves as a core of Oracle Corp.'s retail collaboration suite. Ted went on to develop and teach courses on network collaboration at MIT, Wharton, and the University of Chicago School of Business. Ted’s interests stem from growing up in West Virginia where his grandparents helped lead the local Chamber of Commerce. He holds a BA in Economics from Haverford College and spent two years as a Thomas Watson Fellow based at IBM Düsseldorf working on regional revitalization through technology.