Mark Coblitz

Mark Coblitz Comcast's former Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning who won an Emmy for healthcare-related content; Venly Senior Strategist

Joined Venly after nearly 25 years as Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning for Comcast Corporation. Mark founded Comcast’s New Media Development Group and co-founded Comcast Interactive Capital. His passion for Venly’s mission goes back to his early leadership experiences growing up in an Ashtabula, Ohio family business where he and his family were active in the local Chamber of Commerce and other community associations. He went on to receive a number of the highest awards for technology and innovation in the Cable and Broadband industries, as well as an Emmy. Mark was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force serving at the Pentagon. He holds a BS in Management Science from Case Institute of Technology and a MS in Industrial Administration from Carnegie Mellon.