Sarah Aimad Kassim

Sarah Aimad Kassim Outreach & Enrollment Coach

Sarah Aimad Kassim comes to Venly with a distinguished background working on local and statewide initiatives to promote local businesses. Sarah’s passion for community development started with the experience of being raised around her family’s small business in Houston, Texas. In recognition of Sarah's commitment to public service, she was awarded the University of Houston's 2013 Hobby Fellowship, named for the Hobby family, longtime contributors to Texas politics, journalism, and education. The Fellowship provided Sarah with the opportunity to serve as a Legislative Aide and Social Media and Communications Director for the Office of State Representative Jim Murphy. After graduating she was invited to return to the Office of Representative Murphy as a Senior Policy Analyst with a focus on economic and business development. In 2017 Sarah settled in Cambridge, Massachusetts with her husband, U.S. Army Captain Nadi Kassim, who serves as Assistant Professor of Military Science at MIT, Harvard, and other Boston area colleges in support of their Army ROTC programs. Sarah graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double degree in Economics and Political Science from the University of Houston.