NEXTFAB CEO EVAN MALONE, PHD Venly Founding Partner - Manufacturing Strategy Lead

Evan Malone's role in Venly comes from his pioneering steps toward the future of global and local manufacturing. Evan founded NextFab, which grew out of the MIT Media Lab’s Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory a.k.a. “makerspace”) movement for next generation training, education, and production. NextFab accelerates innovation by offering friendly and accessible advanced manufacturing facilities, training, and services to individuals and hardware technology startups through a membership model. Prior to NextFab, Evan did groundbreaking development of the Fab@Home open source 3D printer as part of his PhD in mechanical engineering at Cornell. Internationally, his work on Fab@Home connected him to MIT colleagues with whom he helped create Fab Labs for community development outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Evan founded NextFab as a "gym for innovators" in Philadelphia nearby the University of Pennsylvania where he received his BS in physics. At Penn, Evan met Dr. Jill Weber, his wife and collaborator who has created three restaurants in Philadelphia that work in conjunction with NextFab’s community revitalization efforts. Venly relies on Evan's vision in its effort to expand his NextFab model to support community and manufacturing innovation projects in each region Venly serves.