Claire Taylor

Claire Taylor Venly Fellow and Community Commerce Coach

Claire brings Venly clients and Fellows her experience helping local businesses partner and innovate new products and services locally and globally. After researching supply chain and community development issues at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada in Vancouver, British Columbia, Claire returned to the U.S. to coordinate digital marketing for Blackwell Wiley, an international scientific and medical publisher. She then represented national accounts for the independent children’s book publisher Candlewick Press before becoming a senior manager of national accounts for the multinational publisher Macmillan. In each role, Claire continues to combine marketplace and demographic knowledge to strategize how businesses can jointly develop unique offerings for specific customer sets. To date, her successful initiatives range from collaboration with independent grocery stores to coordinated programs with Amazon, Costco, Target, and Walmart. As a manager and team leader, Claire helps Venly clients, Fellows, and Support Team creatively advance the goals of each local business and community we serve. Claire’s passion for lifelong learning also adds to Venly upskilling systems. Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Claire holds a dual B.A. in Biology and Religious Studies from Connecticut College.