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In a case study of Adam’s two Cambridge (MA) restaurants, both restaurants earned 4 stars on Yelp, but one had the Venly service and one did not. The Venly client, Veggie Galaxy, experienced dramatically better results.To see what some of our clients say about Venly click here or get started with a free Best Practice Training Session!
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What Clients Are Saying

“We were really struggling with how to assert a social media presence and how to tie that into an overall public relations plan. Our current Venly Fellow and her predecessor Venly Fellow were outstanding. Their coaching really felt like turning on a light switch in a dark room. Then they paved the way and ironed out a lot of the initial confusion and difficulties about working through social media platforms. Venly made it all comprehensible and downright simple. Now we have a vibrant and growing social media presence. The next step is working with Venly to increase our connections across the region through the chambers and other enterprises or organizations.”

Jane Wald, Executive Director, Emily Dickinson House Museum

“Our social media approach was a more an art than science before working with Venly. Our Fellows showed us a way to systematically tackle the different social media channels and get the message out. They make sure every step gets our outreach in the right places and the right medium. They also help us overcome the technical challenges that come up along the way.”

Mike Medieros, Marketing Director, Emily Dickinson House Museum

“I have to thank Tammy-Lynn, the Chamber’s Membership Director, who led me into a Venly Social Score Consult. No one knew our kennel was here even though my father and grandfather had been the town veterinarians. After three months with Venly, I look around and see all new clients [i.e., dogs] whose owners brought them in because of social media. And my Venly Fellow makes it fun!”

Anne Maxson, Owner, Whirl Wind Farm Kennel

“The store experienced double digit increase in sales this month. This kind of growth has never happened before – I think it’s because of my Venly Fellow’s work on Google.”

Adam Bailey, Owner, Off the Wall Games

“I could tell the quality of Venly people the moment I walked into my consultation at the library. I trusted their coaching. So when my Fellow told me about Yelp, I was skeptical, but we went ahead and claimed my page together. A week later, I got a call for a $4,000 job from someone who was moving to the area and had found me on Yelp because of Venly!”

John Delmolino, Owner, Fine Interior Painting

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“We lost everything in last month’s fire that destroyed all the businesses in our plaza including our store. We can’t say how much we appreciate the outpouring of community support, starting with the generosity of the Community Connection Campaign led by the Chamber and Venly. We’re especially grateful to Tony Maroulis, the Chamber’s Executive Director, and Emma Shank, the Chamber’s Venly Fellow, for providing us with a pro bono Chamber membership and then website development and social media set up beyond our every day Venly Training Service. Their immediate help let us reopen online until we can rebuild on site.”

Hassan Oulbeid, Owner, Casablanca Halal Market